Use it

You have a Nanode. Great!

First, you need to assemble it. Go to the step by step pictorial building guide.

Finished assembly? Let’s get a test webserver up and running.

Some notes about routers

There are two ways to use the Nanode – client (send information to the net, say Pachube), or to act as a server. Either way, your Nanode needs to be able to send information through your router.  When your Nanode is a server, you need to know it’s IP address so you can reach it. Assigning a static IP is the best option for this, because when using DHCP you might not get the same IP address after a reset.

Either use both static and DHCP on your network, or reserve an IP. With a linksys router your choice depends on the router.

If you are using a Linksys WRT54G2 or similar, you can’t reserve an IP. However, you can use both static IP and DHCP at the same time. This works great. Here is a thread with more information.

Most newer Linksys routers support IP reservation. In this case, you can assign an IP to a MAC address so that your Nanode is always given the same IP address when it starts up. Either way is fine.